The Hawk at Rebecca Creek Update

The Hawk at Rebecca Creek is an 18 hole semi-private golf course in Spring Branch, Texas. Most of you know that I took over the golf course on April 15, so I have been here 6 months. It is every club pro’s dream to own there own golf course and I am living my dream.

The journey has not been without it’s challenges as South Texas is in a drought and in this part of the country water is more valuable than gold. We had the hottest temperatures on record in the history of recorded temperatures with 56 days over 100 degrees and a few days approaching 110 degrees. This is really not good for growing grass and tends to keep all but the most serious golfers at home, out of the sun. Thanks to a knowledgeable grounds crew and some excellent training and experience I have from my days as a PGA member in Illinois, we have weathered the storm and as of now have survived the drought. Just last week we had just under 4 inches of much needed rain and the fairways, once dormant and brown have perked up and the course has greened up nicely. Not that we are completely out of the woods, we still need more rain but the course is green and the weather is beautiful.

The Hawk at Rebecca Creek is a fun course to play. Four sets of tees make it a challenge for everybody regardless of ability.The course is heavily wooded with mature oak trees. We have no sand traps and only one water hole. Regardless the course record is 6 under par 66.

I invite you all to visit me. I am here 7 days a week. If you do come to the Hill Country ask for me and receive a special Oldproblog reader discount. Visit our web site if you get a chance

If you have never visited the Texas Hill Country I can’t begin to tell you what you are missing. There is so much to see and do. You are within driving distance of both San Antonio and Austin. To tell you the truth it is now rare for me to venture into the big cities. I have acclimated to Hill Country living and really don’t have a need to. The area is rich with traditions and history of the Old West. There is plenty to see in the Hill Country that could keep you busy for months.

I have not written much in the last 6 months as the golf course has kept me very busy. I will try to pick it up and post more often in the near future.

If you have an opinion on Texas Hill Country Golf or The Hawk at Rebecca Creek please leave a comment. Until next time,  Good Golfing !!!!

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