Golf Lesson- Golf Swing Tune Up

Golf Lesson- Golf Swing Tune Up

For many of you, the end  of August means your golf season is coming to a close but your golf swing could use a late season tune up. Before many of you hang up the clubs for the season now is a good time to review what you have learned this year. By now you should be acutely aware of your ball flight patterns and I hope you have taken appropriate action to correct any swing flaws.

This fall and winter I would like you, when you watch golf on television, to try to analyze golf swings by watching ball flight. Watch for swing path, angle of attack and when possible position of the club face at impact. Pay very close attention to set up and alignment. This will help reinforce what you have learned during the last golf season. Many of you are fortunate to live where you can play year round. For you it is definately time for a golf swing tune up. Pay close attention as I review ball flight theory. Make note of what applies to your golf swing.

This is just a review of simple ball flight principles. More information on each of the 4 inflences can be found in earlier articles of this bolg which can be found by searching the archives:

For starters, we have to remove any preconceived notions you may have of the golf swing. We will talk today about the 4 influences your golf swing has on the flight of the ball. Ball flight is the end result that we are all concerned about. Do not think for one minute that the golf ball knows or cares if your left arm is straight or your head is kept down. The ball does not know what your hips are doing or if your left heel is off the ground in your backswing. I can cite the swings of several different Touring Pros that if you watched their swings, look so entirely different you have to be amazed that they all hit the golf ball so well. Do the swings of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Miller Barber or Chi Chi Rodriguez look even remotely alike? The answer is an obvious no. The way the golf swing appears has no relation to the flight of the golf ball.

The golf ball is only concerned with 4 things. There are only 4 influences on the flight of the golf ball.If you can learn these 4 influences on ball flight, you will be well on your way to becoming a better player. In future posts I will describe in detail the secret to understanding ball flight. I know that many of you have taken golf lessons and by the time you are done with the lesson you are probably hitting the ball better but by the next time you tee it up you find you have lost the magic of what you learned on the practice range. If you don’t comprehend the pinciples of ball fight the lesson process can be very frustrating.

The 4 influences on the fight of the ball are:

1. Face- Where the clubface points the ball will ultimately end up.

2. Swing Path- The path the club travels tells the golf ball where to start. The club face tells it where to finish.

3. Angle- The angle the club takes to approach the ball determines the trajectory of the shot.

4. speed- the clubhead speed determines how far the ball will go

If you have any questions about your personal ball flight that is frustrating you, please leave a comment and I will personally try to help you solve your problem. Until next time, Good Golfing  !!!

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