Golf Shot Trajectory- Angle of Attack

Golf Shot Trajectory- Angle of Attack

Your golf shot trajectory is determined by the loft of the golf club you have selected and the  angle that your golf swing produces in delivering the club face to the impact area. This is referred to as the angle of attack or angle of approach. This is the third influence on the flight of the golf ball. I mentioned the loft on your club as a contributing factor on the trajectory of the shot. As the clubs get shorter the lofts are greater, naturally creating a higher golf shot. This is designed into a set of clubs and has been this way for hundreds of years.. Your clubs also progress in length with the longest being your driver and the shortest, your wedges. The length of the club has a bearing on your posture. The driver being the longest requires a more erect posture. As the clubs get shorter your posture becomes more bent at the waist to accomodate the length of the club. Your posture influences your angle of attack. The more erect your posture the more shallow the angle of attack. Conversely , the shorter the club, the more naturally steep the swing. With a longer club, like a driver, the swing is shallow, almost as if you are sweeping the ball off the ground. With the shorter clubs your swing will be steep, almost like you are hitting down on the ball.  If you swing a long club like a driver, too steeply back to the ball you will hit the ball fat or thin. Most golfers that have a steep driver swing are slicers and have an incorrect swing path. If this sounds like you, go back and review the posts concerning swing path. You must correct your swing path before you will be able to master the correct angle of attack.

Over the years, giving lessons, I have seen so many golfers that have trouble grasping the concept of  angle of attack. In an effort to get the ball airbourne they try to help or scoop the ball into the air. This does not work and in most cases an attempt to  help the club hit the ball up in the air will result in a topped shot that rolls along the ground. Trust your swing and your understanding of ball flight principles to allow you to let the loft on the club take care of your shot trajectory. Let the length of the club determine your posture at address and let you angle of attack and the loft on the club hit the ball up in the air.

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