Golf Club Face Must be Square at Impact

Golf Club Face Must be Square at Impact

How would you like to learn to square your golf club face at impact consistently? Today we will discuss the second influence on the flight of the golf ball. Where the club face points at impact is where the golf ball will ultimately end up. In my last post we discussed swing path. Your swing path tells the golf ball where to start it’s flight but the club face determines where it will ultimately end up.

Your only influence on the club face is your golf grip. Your hands are the only part of your body attached to the impliment that strikes the golf ball. Ideally ( in a perfect world ) you want to grip the club so that both hands are parallel to one another. If your swing path is correct, this grip will produce a straight shot. The problem with most golf instruction as it relates to the grip is that you are told there is only one way to grip the club, with the hands parallel to one another.

You can practice until your hands bleed. If the perfect grip returns the club to the ball with a consistent open face the ball will always go to the right. Congratulations on your technically correct grip but the golf ball could care less and will fly to the right of the target each time.

The best way to correct the position of the club face at impact is to experiment with your grip. Moving both hands slightly to the right ( strengthening ) will close the club face some at impact. Conversely, moving both hands to the left slightly will open the club face slightly ( weaken ). With some time on the practice range you will eventually find a grip that delivers the club to the ball with a square face.

Do not confuse swing path with club face. Your swing path tells the club where to start and your club face tells the golf ball where to end up. If the golf ball starts to the left and slices to the right, strengthen your grip. By doing this the ball will start to the left and continue to the left. If the ball starts to the left and the curves farther to the left you have overdone your grip. Weaken it a bit.

Once you have changed your ball flight by influencing the flight through you grip and therefore the club face, you can use the flight of the golf ball to diagnose your problem. If the golf ball starts out off line it is a problem with your swing path. If your golf ball starts out on line but ends up off line your problem is in the club face at impact.

Both of these ball flight principles are equally important and it is important that you learn to differentiate between the two. You are now half way to learning how to self diagnose your golf swing problems.

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2 Responses to Golf Club Face Must be Square at Impact
  1. Kevin
    January 31, 2011 | 5:43 pm

    Thanks for the tip—I have had a consistent fade (ok, slice) that I’ve been trying to rid myself of and your advice is both simple and seems easy to integrate.

  2. Ezequiel Strode
    February 3, 2012 | 2:31 am

    Major thanks for the article.Really thank you!

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